Our Philosophy

At Frasers Hospitality, we believe that happy customers make for a successful organisation. This is why we have an unwavering tradition of developing and growing our people. They are our internal customers, and the essential contact points to deliver Frasers’ unparalleled service.

Our people are the brand ambassadors who work day and night to ensure that the brand promise matches the brand experience. Whether it is about making sure the child loves the way her room is decorated or the amenities are well-stocked, our people are there at every moment of truth with our guests. Our commitment to service excellence starts from a genuine desire to serve and to make everyone feel at home – be it for the short or long term. It is, simply, to serve with intuition.

Recognising that every Frasian is a unique individual, we put in place rigorous training and development programmes that are tailored to his/her capabilities and aspirations as part of our commitment to our people.

This tradition of excellence is nothing new to Frasers. We observe excellence not just in service but also in management. A happy and efficient organisation helps its investors achieve attractive returns. We are proud that Frasers consistently ranks among the top profitable players in the hospitality sector.