Country General Manager (Singapore)

Operations Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd 31 Jan 2024

As Frasers Hospitality continues its brands presence and expansion across Singapore, the company is looking to appoint a Country General Manager, who will oversee the performance of the service apartments and hotel apartments in Singapore to ensure optimum delivery of Gold Standard Product and Services with alignment to the company vision and business strategy to achieve optimal business growth and profits. 



  • Ensure property teams are provided clear goals and objectives.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to function heads to achieve all performance goals and objectives.
  • Ensure newly assigned funciton heads are provided comprehensive on-boarding training in brand standards, policies & procedures, budgeting and accounting requirements, and Human Resources requirements.
  • Conduct a confirmation appraisal within 180 days of hiring for all new function heads and an annual review thereafter.
  • Ensure regular communication with assigned function heads are arranged and conducted in manner that achieves morale, communication and general guidance, managing expectations and standards.
  • Ensure all assigned function heads deliver Frasers’ service and product in accordance to the Frasers Gold Standard Product and Services and achieve optimal business growth and profits. 
  • Work closely with the respective corporate departments (E.g. Global/Regional Sales & Marketing, Regional Operations, Human Resource, Finance & IT) to ensure that operations of all the properties in the assigned region are in alignment with the corporate business and sales strategies.
  • Work with assigned function heads to ensure that all problem areas identified in the yearly SAT reviews and bi-yearly Culture survey are fully addressed and resolved.
  • Ensure all assigned function heads fully understands budgeting process and how to fully evaluate and address underperforming financial areas revealed in the monthly flash and Asset Management reports.
  • Periodically audits/visit properties for compliance with all brand standards.
  • Work proactively with the Human Resources team in recruiting, retaining, and developing our managers.
  • Ensure all assigned function heads implement the Policies & Procedures that fully achieve the desired level of corporate governance to pass FPL Internal Audits / FH Operations Audit / External Audits.



  1. Minimum Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management, HR Management or similar discipline
  2. Minimum 8 years of experience as General Manager in an established 5 stars hotels or managing multiple properties.
  3. Proven track records in achieving revenue/profits. 



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