Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Fraser Place Puteri Harbour, Johor 30 Nov 2023


  1. To supervise and maintain the HMS systems and their integrations to third-party's solutions through best practices and the standards as defined by Fraser's Corporate Office.
  2. Responsible for coordinating the processes and activities related to the development, deployment and documentation of HMS systems, their enhancements and integration to third­ party solutions as required to meet the business requirements.
  3. Maintain and upkeep all the property’s work computers, network switch, hubs and network points.
  4. Maintain and upkeep all the office software applications and licenses
  5. Manage and control all internet access of property
  6. Provide technical services on networks, hardware, and software applications to our internal and external customers upon request.
  7. Ensure all IT applications, services and procedures are in accordance with Fraser Hospitality internal guidelines including carrying out yearly Disaster Recovery Program to safeguard property’s IT data.
  8. Liaise with Suppliers and Contractors to carry out repair works to office PCs, personal computers, network cables, switch, and hubs.
  9. Ensure compliance with IT P&Ps, change, and adapt to local needs wherever necessary, and maintain good working relationship with corporate IT.
  10. Lead and manage the establishment of project scope, technical strategy, cost, budgets and staff support requirements with new IT initiatives.



  1. Degree / Diploma in Computing.
  2. Computer literacy is essential.
  3. Working experience in managing hotel system and infrastructure will be added advantages.
  4. Knowledge of PABX system capabilities is preferred.
  5. Knowledgeable in computer software installation.
  6. Knowledgeable in network troubleshooting.
  7. Good Communication skills and Interpersonal skill.
  8. Will be required to keep internal and external contacts with other Departments/Divisions, Suppliers and Contractors.



To apply, send your resume/CV to Human Resources Depatment, Fraser Place Puteri Harbour at