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Welcome to Shanghai, the powerhouse of China's rise and the most populous urban centre in China. Shanghai is a phenomenal place for innovation, business, culture and entertainment. There's so much to see and do you could spend weeks exploring and barely scratch the surface. Business travellers to Shanghai will find getting around easy, and Frasers Hospitality's four serviced apartment properties in Shanghai offer convenient access to Shanghai's CBD and numerous public transport options. For those travelling to Shanghai for leisure, many of Shanghai's top cultural sights, entertainment precincts and historical monuments are within easy walking distance.

Located in Lujiazui CBD financial district, Fraser Suites Top Glory Shanghai offers luxury serviced apartments in Shanghai for extended and short stays. The property's central location and close proximity to Shanghai subway line 2 ensure getting around is a breeze, and. Each of the 185 Gold-Standard apartments offers breathtaking views of The Bund and Shanghai city skyline and stylish contemporary interiors.

Welcome to Fraser Suites Top Glory Shanghai, luxury serviced apartments in Shanghai.

Enjoy a refreshing twist to urban living at Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai, hotel-style serviced apartment living in Shanghai. Conveniently located near Jing'an Temple and Shanghai metro line 7, the property offers 370 stylish loft apartments, ranging from studios to two-bedrooms ideal for business travellers in Shanghai for short stays. Enjoy convenient proximity to numerous dining and entertainment options in the heart of Zhenru City Shanghai.

Welcome to Modena by Fraser Putuo, a hotel in Shanghai offering loft-style serviced apartments.

Staying in Shanghai

Delight in local cuisine in Shanghai, China.

There's big city life, and then there's Shanghai big city life. Shanghai is a bustling and dynamic place that never stops changing and reinventing itself. The energy Shanghai puts out can be found on every street corner; glittering skyscrapers host some of China and the world's top companies while on the same block a local noodle shop serves up an old family recipe for less than USD $1.50. Artists, entrepreneurs, dreamers and up-and-comers flock to Shanghai for work and play - a 24/7 neon-lit lifestyle along the banks of the Huangpu River.

Visitors to Shanghai will love the thousands of food, shopping and entertainment options available almost everywhere in the city, and culture vultures will revel in Shanghai's museums, theatres, galleries and concert halls. The city's extensive subway, bus and taxi networks make getting round surprisingly easy given Shanghai's size. No matter which of Frasers Hospitality's serviced apartment properties you choose, you'll be close to some of Shanghai's top things to see and do.

Top things to do in Shanghai

The trick to Shanghai isn't finding something to do; it's trying to choose the best from the thousands of experiences on offer. During your stay in your hotel in Shanghai, don't miss out on some of Shanghai's most iconic neighbourhoods, sights and pastimes.

> Indulge in some upscale boutique shopping with a nod to history in the stylishly cool Xintiandi district.

> Wander the length of Nanjing Lu and take an equal mix of history, culture and neon-lit splendour.

> See Shanghai from above with a trip to the top of Shanghai Tower in Lujiazui.

> Taste the flavours of Shanghai and hunt down some of the city's best xiaolongbao.

> Spend days exploring Shanghai's world-class art galleries and museums.

Walking Xintiandi

Explore the entertainment hub of Xintiandi from your hotel in Shanghai, China.

The upscale, car-free pedestrian neighbourhood of Xintiandi is located a mere stone's throw from your serviced apartment - a stylish precinct of bookstores, cafes, restaurants and boutique shops inhabiting traditional Shikumen (stone gate houses). Narrow laneways weave between the Shikumen, and many of the cafes and restaurants have outdoor seating; it's a great place to indulge in some urban exploration, boutique shopping and people watching. The Shikumen Museum provides a fascinating insight into the area's history, with much of the collection coming from the surrounding buildings before their rejuvenation.

The area also has some beautiful boutique malls, including Xintiandi Style and K11 Art Mall - which is as much an art gallery as a shopping destination. What makes Xintiandi truly special though is the laneways - wander around and discover everything the area has to offer.

Me, you and Nanjing Lu

Nanjing Lu is the grand boulevard of Shanghai, a street that extends from The Bund historical area towards Hongqiao in Shanghai's west, with People's Square sitting in the centre of the route and splitting the road into two distinct halves. The eastern part of Nanjing Lu starts near The Bund historical area, a picturesque mile-long promenade featuring architecture leftover from the period when colonial powers had their own international zone in the city.

Heading west, turn onto Nanjing Lu and marvel and the colonial-style architecture and perhaps step inside some of Shanghai's oldest and most exclusive department stores. Arriving at People's Park, take the opportunity to experience a slice of daily Shanghai life. Locals use the park for everything from catching up with friends to enjoying exercise or even getting a quick haircut. Further west, Nanjing Lu turns into an ultra-modern cosmopolitan shopping and entertainment strip, but near its end, you'll find Jing'an Temple. The temple site has seen continuous use for almost 2,000 years.

Sky-high Shanghai

The eastern bank of the Huangpu River is given over to Shanghai's futuristic skyline. Located just behind our luxury serviced apartments in Lujiazui, Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world. Standing at 632 metres, the structure dominates Shanghai's skyline. Accordingly, it also offers the most spectacular view of Shanghai you'll see during your stay. Visitors can take an impressively lengthy elevator trip up to the 118th and 119th floors and Shanghai Tower's observation deck, which sits at 555 metres above street level. It's best to book your tickets ahead of time as the lines can be lengthy.

Shanghai on the plate

Shanghai's food scene is world-class, with cuisine from every corner of China and the world. In Shanghai you can dine at a cheap local hole in the wall eatery one day and a Michelin-starred restaurant the next - there's a venue for every taste and budget. For cheap eats and local favourites, head to South Yunnan Road Food Street, located only a short walk away from your serviced apartments on Xizang Road. The street is lined with food stalls, family-owned restaurants and local favourites, some with a history of over 100 years.

Shanghai is synonymous with xiaolongbao, artfully made steamed soup dumplings. Light and deliciously fresh, xiaolongbao typically includes pork and a slightly sweet and clear pork broth. One of the best establishments to try xiaolongbao is located conveniently close to your serviced apartments in Xintiandi and Laoximen. Established in 1878, De Xing Guan is a 2-story venue that has a long, storied and tasty history. Their xiaolongbao is considered some of Shanghai's best. Downstairs diners can tuck into delicious noodle and rice dishes, while upstairs serves xiaolongbao and other Shanghainese favourites.

Culture capital

Shanghai's arts and culture scene is as varied and spectacular as you'd expect for a truly global city. From top-rated galleries and museums to artfully cool neighbourhoods, Shanghai offers lovers of the arts, culture and history plenty to see and do. Most of Shanghai's top cultural sights are located within central Shanghai and conveniently close to your hotel. Start at the China Art Museum in Pudong - an impressive contemporary art museum hosting works from Chinese arts across the ages. Later, make your way to Tianzifang, an offbeat neighbourhood of old Shikumen that's been converted into boutique shops, galleries and cafes. Wander the narrow lanes and soak up the atmosphere. Then, head north to People's Square and the Shanghai Museum, close to your serviced apartment in Huangpu. The museum holds an astounding collection of ancient Chinese art from across the ages, including ancient sculptures, brasswork, pottery and jade carvings.

Getting to and getting around Shanghai

Shanghai is serviced by an extensive transport system including air, rail and road connections internationally and from elsewhere within China. Most international flights arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, located outside of Shanghai proper. If you've never had the pleasure of travelling aboard one of China's marvellous Maglev trains, then taking the Maglev from the airport to Longyang Road station is a must. Travelling at over 430 kilometres per hour, the train takes just eight minutes to reach the city.

Once in Shanghai, the easiest way to get around the city from your hotel is aboard Shanghai's extensive metro system. The second biggest subway system in the world by route, Shanghai's metro covers an astounding 676 kilometres of track; anywhere you want to go to Shanghai you can do via the metro.