Explore Shenzhen, China, with a stay in a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments in Shenzhen ideal for long and short stay business and leisure travellers

Welcome to China's answer to Silicon Valley, the rousing and dynamic city of Shenzhen. Ranked second on Lonely Planet's list of the "top 10 cities to visit in 2019", Shenzhen is an ultra-modern, hi-tech metropolis undergoing an astounding rate of growth. Known for being a leading global technology hub, Shenzhen is a major contributor to China's economic power, however the city also revels in creativity and its own unique culture. The best way to experience all that Shenzhen has to offer is with a stay in a serviced apartment hotel, close to all of Shenzhen's top things to see and do.

Located in Huaqiang North, Fraser Suites Shenzhen's 211 beautifully appointed Gold-Standard serviced apartments are ideal for business and leisure travellers visiting Shenzhen for a short or long stay. The first in Shenzhen's Futian district to offer serviced apartment style accommodation, Fraser Suites Shenzhen balances the elegance of a 5-star hotel with the facilities of an urban residential oasis. Guests will enjoy the property's convenient proximity to Shenzhen's Centre Park and four lines of Shenzhen's metro.

Welcome to Fraser Suites Shenzhen, a hotel in Shenzhen offering serviced apartment living.

Staying in Shenzhen

Ping An Finance Centre, located close to your serviced apartments in Shenzhen, is one of Shenzhen’s most iconic sights.

Until 30 years ago, Shenzhen was a relatively sleepy township of only 30,000 or so residents. Shenzhen has undergone a frenetic rate of development since the late 1970s and today is one of the most modern cities in the world, a visible and glittering symbol of China's meteoric rise on the world stage. Today 23 million people call Shenzhen home, employed in industries including technology, finance and hi-tech services. Chinese mega Corporation Tencent has its offices here, as does the world's largest drone maker, DJI. Shenzhen is known the world over for its hi-tech credentials and attracts some of China's and the globe's top tech talent.

Culturally, Shenzhen is young, fun and in love with big city life. The city has a world-class bar and dining scene, striking contemporary architecture, plenty of parks and green spaces, entertainment hubs and year-round cultural happenings. From your serviced apartment in Shenzhen don't miss out on experiencing the best the city has to offer, including hanging out in some of Shenzhen's coolest neighbourhoods, exploring Shenzhen's best theme parks and chowing down on delicious street food.

Top things to do in Shenzhen

Your hotel in Shenzhen is conveniently located close to some of Shenzhen's top things to see and do.

> Explore Shenzhen's architectural marvels, including KK 100 and Ping An Finance Center.

> Spend the day out at one of Shenzhen's world-class theme parks.

> Take in contemporary culture at the Museum of Urban Art and Contemporary Planning.

> Wander through the cool kitsch of Dafen Oil Painting Village.

> Dine on delicious food at some of Shenzhen's best restaurants and street-side eateries.

Glittering city

Given the pace of Shenzhen's development, it's no surprise the city boasts some truly astounding architectural marvels. Some of the best examples of contemporary architecture in Shenzhen are located only a short metro journey away from your serviced apartment. For a futuristic shopping experience head to OCT Harbour. The complex is an integrated entertainment precinct, complete with artificial lakes and fountains, an IMAX cinema, multiple dining options, bars and plenty of shopping. For sky-high adventure, make your way to the tallest building in Shenzhen and the second tallest in China, Ping An Financial Centre. The 116th floor is given over to the 'Free Sky' observation deck, which offers 360-degree panoramic views of Shenzhen 541 metres above sea level. The trip up to Free Sky is almost as thrilling, with the elevators being the fastest in China, reaching speeds of up to 10-metres per second.

Fun for everyone

With over 23 million residents to entertain, Shenzhen has an impressive array of world-class theme parks for people of all ages to enjoy. Close to your hotel apartment in Yantian, OCT East is a vast theme park and leisure destination divided into three theme parks - Knight Valley, Wind Valley and Tea Stream Resort Valley. Knight Valley features the Wood Coaster, a thrilling wooden rollercoaster ride that weaves alongside the area's mountainous terrain reaching speeds of up to 98 kilometres an hour. Also within Knight Valley, the OCT East Water Park is fun for young kids and old, featuring a massive U-shaped slide, a wave pool and artificial surfing. Close to Frasers Hospitality's serviced apartment hotel in central Shenzhen, Shenzhen Happy Valley is a theme park offering something for the whole family. The park's nine areas include roller coasters, water parks, and a wealth of themed rides and shows.

A creative centre

Shenzhen's rapid rise has seen it attract thinkers and creative types from all over China and the world. The city revels in its emerging role as a cultural hub for southern China, and it's welcoming of influences from across the globe - so much so that Shenzhen's quickly developing a reputation for its underground Hip Hop scene.

One of the best places to take in Shenzhen's emerging cultural creds is at the Museum of Urban Art and Contemporary Planning, located close to your serviced apartment in Huaqiang North. The building itself is a work of art; a flowing, twisting structure of silver steel and glass. The venue plays host to a rolling who's who of contemporary art and artists from around China and the world.

From kitsch to cool

Speaking of art and artists, one of the more interesting neighbourhoods to wander in Shenzhen is the Dafen Oil Painting Village, located in the city's northeast. The village was previously the world's largest producer of replica oil paintings and even today well over one thousand galleries dot the town. There's been tension between the replicas that made Dafen's name and the emergence of original artists wanting original works that raise the artistic and cultural profile of the area. To get to Dafen from your serviced apartment hotel in central Shenzhen, take metro line 7 from Huaqiang North to Huaxin and change over to metro line 3 north.

Shenzhen on the plate

From your Hotel in Shenzhen, head out to sample some of Shenzhen’s Cantonese cuisine.

As a planned city, food and dining options are never far away in Shenzhen. Whether it's in the malls and shopping strips or tucked away on quieter streets, visitors to Shenzhen will be spoilt for choice. Some of the best food in Shenzhen can be found along many of the city's 'eat streets'. For the largest variety of cuisines from around the world head to Shekou; the largely expat area attracts chefs from around the world. For more traditional Cantonese fare, make your way down Bagua First Road East Street. Here you'll find classic Cantonese eateries aplenty serving up delectable dim sum and even some more exotic delicacies, including snake.

Getting to and getting around Shenzhen

Shenzhen is connected to both the Hong Kong Special Administrative Zone and mainland China's road, rail and air infrastructure, so arriving at your apartment in Shenzhen is relatively easy. If flying directly into Shenzhen, visitors will arrive at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, where they can catch the Shenzhen metro into the city. If arriving in Hong Kong and travelling on to Shenzhen, the quickest way is aboard the recently opened high-speed rail that travels between Hong Kong’s West Kowloon station and Shenzhen as well as other locations in Guangzhou. Once in Shenzhen, the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to travel aboard the city's extensive and well-serviced metro rail system.