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Faces of Fraser

People are the backbone of Frasers Hospitality and on our 20th anniversary, let us salute Frasians all over the world. From the longest serving staff who has been with us since the start, making Frasers Hospitality their second homes just as our guests do, to the ones who have just joined, filling our properties and offices with new perspectives, ideas and energy. Discover the highlights as Frasians around the world take part in Fraser Day celebrations!

Frasians Who Stayed

Starting a company is never easy, furthermore it was during the midst of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998. With a team of persistent and resilient pioneers, Frasers Hospitality made its debut on the map. Through continuous efforts to increase our global footprint and become an industry leader, Frasers Hospitality made its way into the global spotlight with successful expansions into different regions and market segments as well as multiple awards won. Along the way, there have been many challenges, but Frasians have always managed to overcome them. Today, it is heartening to know that some of the pioneers are still with us. Find out how we have managed over the years and the secret to what makes us tick!

What We Love About Frasers

Jessica Lee, Front Office Manager

Capri by Fraser, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Jessica was first introduced to the brand by her career mentor and was amazed by the extensive reach this company has in over 80 cities. However, it is the people in the organisation that inspired Jessica to stay for almost 4 years now. The passion and unwavering determination demonstrated by the pioneer team of Frasers Hospitality for the past 20 years has served as her guide from starting position being the General Manager's Executive Secretary to reach for the stars and achieve her dreams of one day becoming the General Manager herself.

Ivana Farouk, Reservations Manager

Capri by Fraser, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

When Ivana first knew of the brand, she was impressed by Frasers Hospitality’s pristine reputation as one of the best brands in South East Asia. Over the years, she has grown fond of the competitive yet friendly working environment in this company which motivates her to continue contributing to the company and to strive for excellence in her role for many more years to come. 

Yumee Ryu , Housekeeping Supervisor

Fraser Place Namdaemun, Seoul

It was her stint at Fraser Place Namdaemun, Seoul that inspired Housekeeping Supervisor Yumee Ryu to further her career in the hospitality sector. Yumee is grateful to the General, Resident and various Department Managers for reaching out to every staff member to inspire and make them feel like family. Furthermore, the property provides monthly training on safety, customer service and more to help staff improve in these areas as well as arranges community service for the staff to visit an orphanage to help those in need.

Aditya Singhal, Restaurant & Bar Manager

Fraser Suites Perth

Joining almost 5 years, ago as a Food & Beverage attendant, Aditya has since risen up the ranks to his current position as Restaurant & Bar Manager. For him, one of the highlights of working in Frasers Hospitality is the opportunity to fully utilise his skillset and knowledge. Not only that, he also credits his managers, who are appreciative of his ideas and that keeps him motivated, driving him to keep going.

Claire Ferrah, Shift Leader

Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs Elysées, Paris

For Shift Leader Clare who supervises the front office, Frasers Hospitality offers the possibility of being herself, and being able to make her own contribution to the world, not just in the form of serving guests but also co-workers with her heart and that has made her almost-7 years of working here an adventure. She enthusiastically quotes Gandhi as she goes about her day being the change she wants to see in the world! 

Kurtulus Bal, Bellboy

Fraser Place Anthill Istanbul

6 years ago, Kurtulus was a part of the opening team of Fraser Place Anthill, Istanbul. For him, witnessing the growth of the property over the years, has been likened to having a long-time friend. As far as friendship goes, it has also blossomed over the years. Looking ahead to the next 20 years, Kurtulus is keen on maintaining this wonderful friendship and is even optimistic about being present for Frasers Hospitality’s 40th anniversary!

Jack Chan, Assistant Director of Sales

Capri by Fraser, Changi City / Singapore

Even though Jack has only joined for a year, he is full of praise for supportive colleagues who also inspire him to strive for greater performance. Not only that, he thrives in the happy working environment and he credits his superiors for giving him inspiration and for leading by example. Jack also enjoys the great work-life balance that is encouraged and allows him to participate in various company-led activities as well.

Libby Yu, Human Resource Administrator

Modena by Fraser Changsha

For Libby, it was the values of Frasers Hospitality that attracted her initially. The developments set forth by Frasers Hospitality within the serviced apartment industry also excites her. The key highlight for Libby is that Frasers Hospitality actively recognises talent and continuously focuses on staff development with many incentive programmes and opportunities available.

Frasian Celebrations

All over the world, from Australia to Africa, Frasians come together to celebrate Fraser Day. Find out how Frasers Hospitality marks its 20th Anniversary and catch a glimpse of the festivities right here! Look out for activities happening right in your city and Frasians, see if you can spot yourselves in these pictures!

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Frasers Hospitality (UK)

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Frasers Hotel Management (Shanghai)

Modena by Fraser Changsha

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