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Top 20 Travel Lists

Looking to shake up your travel experience? In line with our 20th celebrations, we will be curating a range of 20-themed lists just for you. From useful preparation tips to fun, fresh inspirations from around the world, dare to travel differently and create your very own Fraser Moments on your next trip!

Remember to check back here every month for brand new lists. Or if you're in need of more travel ideas, you can find more reads on our blog.

LIbrary Lounge at Fraser Suites Dalian

20 Reasons Why Travellers Are Choosing A Serviced Apartment

The familiar comforts of home paired with the thoughtful services and luxuries of a hotel. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? We explore why serviced residences are a compelling alternative for your next trip.

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Chimney cake of Hungary

Back in Time: 20 Nostalgic Snacks Around the World

Travelling is all about discovering a country’s heritage and culture, and what better way to do so than through food? Bite into a slice of history with these snacks that have become icons in their own right.

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Perdana Botanical Gardens is one of 20 unforgettable gardens around the world.

20 of the World's Most Unforgettable Gardens

The symbiosis of man and nature have undoubtedly created beautiful landscapes and retreats for centuries now. Make time for these 20 spectacular gardens you won't forget.

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Child visiting aquarium

20 Enriching Activities for Your Kids This Summer

If beaches and theme parks are all that comes to mind when you think about family summer holidays, think again. Take learning outside of the classroom for your children with our handy list of 20 unique activities from around the world.

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Vivid Sydney is one of many stunning light festivals around the world

20 Stunning Light Festivals You Need to Visit

Missed the chance to catch Vivid Sydney? Don't fret! There is bound to be one for you. From the fiery Las Fallas in Spain to the scenic Great Wisteria Festival in Tokyo, here are the top 20 spectacular light festivals you need to visit in this lifetime.

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Rest and recharge with these 20 ideas

20 Vacation Ideas That Will Recharge You

From the fast pace of life to the constant buzz around us, stressors from the big city can truly pose long-term threats on our health and well-being. Looking for ideas beyond a spa retreat that can help you feel like a whole new you? Here are 20 handpicked for you.

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Top 20 Drone Styles

20 Awe-Inspiring Ways To Do Drone Photography

Wondering how those stunning Instagram drone shots are created? Get inspiration from these 20 styles and try them out on your next trip!

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Top 20 Travel Apps

20 Travel Apps That Will Transform Your Trip Experience

Let's be honest: We don’t need more apps on our home screens, we simply need the right ones. So, which travel apps should you keep and why? Here’s our round-up of 20 more great apps to enhance your travel experience from booking to returning home!

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