Frasers Hospitality's 21st Anniversary

Frasers Hospitality was founded on 31 March 1998 and this year, we celebrate our 21st Anniversary by giving back – to the community and to Gaia through our partner, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Starting with 2 properties in Singapore, we have since grown to more than 150 properties in 80 cities across 5 brands - each unique with its offerings yet similarly focused on the common vision of anticipating and exceeding our customers’ evolving expectations through continuous innovation and providing intuitive service to deliver memorable experiences to all who pass through our doors.

Along the way, not only did we win awards but we also won the hearts and minds of both guests and staff alike. This year, to celebrate our 21st Anniversary, we invite you to join us on a complimentary 21 minutes of wellness that will be held at our properties worldwide.

From yoga to meditation, to dance or run, we want to get you involved in stretching your body and/or mind.

In marking our coming of year, we wish to show our commitment to the community and Mother Earth through health and fitness. In addition to the event(s) at our properties, participate in our online auction to bid for room nights in our serviced residences and hotel residences worldwide. All proceeds collected from the auction will be donated to our partner, WWF. Details on the auction will be up at a later date.

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Why you should be a part of Frasers Hospitality 21 Minutes of Wellness?

In our daily lives of hustle and bustle, it’s important to shake off the work stress and strike an equilibrium. The best way is to keep fit yet have fun, and make a difference with your colleagues, family, friends, and/or children!

The best things in life are free. In this instance, make full use of this opportunity and make this your family day.

Furthermore, funds raised (net operating cost) from the auction will be donated to WWF. Through your continuous support, we can make a difference in doing our part to make it a better earth for our future generation.

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