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                     0900                                                                       1200
                     HOURS  The British                                                        HOURS   Head to the South
                            famously love a                                                            Bank, where an
                    hearty cooked breakfast, and                                              array of major arts institutions
                    London provides a spectrum of                                             such as Tate Modern, Hayward
                    very different places to kick-                                            Gallery, National Theatre and
                    start your day with a feast.                                              National Film Theatre line
                    The Wolseley offers Art                                                   an airy riverside promenade,
                    Deco glamour in Piccadilly,                                               complemented by food stalls,
                    drawing in the creative set                                               book markets and arty shops.
                    for vintage classics like Eggs                                               For a cultured lunch, the
                    Benedict and Eggs Arlington,                                              brasserie at 19th-century The
                    as well as the classic colonial-                                          Wallace Collection gallery
                    era smoked haddock and rice                                               sits within a glass-roofed
                    dish of kedgeree.                                                         courtyard that doubles as a
                       Or head to Borough                                                     classical sculpture garden. Fans
                    Market, where the city’s                                                  of 21st-century architecture,
                    oldest food market serves up                                              meanwhile, should book a
                    an atmospheric mix of global                                              table at the stunning Chucs
                    street food stalls. At Brindisa,   London                                 Cafe Serpentine, designed by
                    dig into a scrumptious Spanish-                                           starchitect Zaha Hadid at the
                    style breakfast of jamón,                                                 Serpentine Sackler Gallery.
                    chorizo and salty fried eggs. Or                                          Save some room for a spot of
                    try the delicious classic British    I N 2 4 HOURS                        afternoon tea at Fortnum &
                    dish “bubble and squeak” at                                               Mason’s Tea Salon, where it
                    the venerable Maria’s Market   The city is a vast multicultural and       has been served for almost 100
                    Cafe, which has been serving    multifaceted metropolis offering          years.
                    everyone from market porters
                    to visiting Hollywood film    distinctive memorable experiences             1700
                    stars for over 50 years.            tailored for any interest.             HOURS   Join London
                                                                                                       workers winding
                                                                                              down in one of the centuries-
                                                                                              old taverns that dot the city.
                                                                                              Fine examples include The Star
                                                                                              Tavern in Belgravia, The Nags
                                                                                              Head in Knightsbridge, The
                                                                                              Dog and Duck in Soho, and
                                                                                              the 16th-century Prospect of
                                                                                              Whitby in Wapping, which is
                                                                                              the oldest pub by the Thames.
                                                                                                 The National Theatre
                                                                                              runs regular talks around
                                                                                              5pm to 6pm, often featuring
                                                                                              star names. Spring offerings
                                                                                              include a lecture on The Secret
                                                                                              Histories of Costume Making,
                                                                                              and leading contemporary
                                                                                              playwright Lucy Kirkwood
                                                                                              talking about her latest play,
                                                                                              The Welkin.


                                                                                                                     18/2/20   4:05 PM
        08-17 24/7/London.ll.indd   8
        08-17 24/7/London.ll.indd   8                                                                                18/2/20   4:05 PM
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