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                                                AND SIGNATURE RETREAT WITH MASSAGE CHAIRS
                                                  THAT WILL WORK YOU INTO A STATE OF BLISS.

                                            OUR RECOMMENDATIONS
                                                                    transportation systems.   enjoy the
                                                      HIROMI NISHI  Subways and trains are the   experience.
                                                      Sales Manager  best way to get around. Buy
                                                                    a Pasmo or Suica card to hop   And the one
                                                                    from subway to train easily.  food I should try?
                                            What is the best-kept secret                    You cannot leave Japan
                                            of the city?            Any must-see experiences?  without eating natto [inset].
                                            Entering Harmonica Alley   Team Lab Borderless [below]   You’ll either love it or loathe
                                            in Kichijoji is like taking a   is a digital art museum that   it! For many Japanese people,
                                            step back to post-war Japan.   combines technology and   there’s no better breakfast
                                            Its name comes from how   art. There are more than   than a glop of natto mixed
                                            the shops in the narrow   60 artworks that are all   into a bowl of steaming
                                            alleyway resemble the reeds   interactive, so you can   white rice with miso soup
                                            of a harmonica. Here, you’ll   touch and disrupt them to   on the side.
                                            find retro clothing stores,
                                            fortune tellers, izakayas and                   Where can you get the
                                            Ozasa, a famous Japanese                        best views of the city?
                                            sweet shop.                                     On the 52nd floor of
                                                                                            Roppongi Hills Observatory,
                                            What’s the best way to get                      there is a superb spot to
                                            around?                                         enjoy the scenery of Tokyo
                                            Tokyo is a sprawling city,                      city. There are cafes and
                            TOP: A luxurious   but it’s served by one of                    restaurants located on this
                               bedroom in a
                              corner deluxe   the world’s best public                       floor too.

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        18-23 1C2W/Akasaka Tokyo.ll.indd   23
        18-23 1C2W/Akasaka Tokyo.ll.indd   23                                                                        18/2/20   4:42 PM
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