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                                          Glacier Express
                                          For the perfect combination
                                          of green alpine valleys, snow-
                                          covered peaks and blue skies,
                                          spring is an unrivalled time
                                          of year to board Switzerland's
                                          famous Glacier Express. Joining
                                          the mountain resorts of Zermatt
                                          and St Moritz since 1930, this
                                          290km journey encompasses
                                          some of the best scenery in the
                                          Swiss Alps with panoramic, non-
                                          reflective windows to make sure
                                          you don't miss a thing.
                                             Pulling out of Zermatt
                                          promptly at 8.52am, you’ll leave
                                          behind views of the majestic
                                          Matterhorn to travel through
                                          the Matter Valley, where the
                                          highest peaks of the Swiss Alps
                                          loom. Crossing the Rhone river,
                                          your route winds east through
                                          the Rhone valley towards the
                                          quaint mountain village of
                                                                           OPPOSITE PAGE:   THIS PAGE,
                                          Andermatt before ascending       Wind through   FROM TOP:
                                          the Oberalp Pass. From here,     the stunning   Panoramic
                                          you’ll descend along the Rhine   snowscapes of the   windows ensure
                                                                                         you don’t miss
                                                                           Swiss Alps on the
                                          Valley to the spectacular Rhine   Glacier Express.  a thing; the
                                          Gorge, also known as the Grand                 spectacular
                                          Canyon of Switzerland. After                   Landwasser
                                                                                         Viaduct is a
                                          crossing the Landwasser Viaduct                UNESCO World
                                          – a curved, single-track railway               Heritage Site.
                                          bridge that towers 65m above the
                                          Landwasser river – you’ll spiral
                                          upwards to enter the 6km-long
                                          Albula Tunnel before entering
                                          the Engadine valley headed for
                                          St Moritz.

                                          ALL ABOARD AT FRASER SUITES
                                          GENEVA: Start your alpine
                                          adventure with a mini-break at
                                          these sophisticated apartments
                                          located in the city known as the
                                          gateway to the Swiss Alps.

                                          TICKETS PLEASE:

                                                                                          FRASERSHOSPITALITY.COM  FRAS ER CA CH ET

                                                                                                                     18/2/20   4:45 PM
        24-31 Explore/Train.ll.indd   25
        24-31 Explore/Train.ll.indd   25                                                                             18/2/20   4:45 PM
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