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                                                                              A traditional    Indian Pacific
                                                                              long-table dinner
                                                                              served under the
                                                                              stars – one of the   Regarded as Australia’s greatest
                                                                              highlights of the   train journey, the Indian Pacific
                                                                              Indian Pacific   has been taking passengers
                                                                                               on a unique 4,352km, trans-
                                                                                               continental odyssey through
                                                                                               some of the country’s most
                                                                                               dramatic landscapes for 50
                                                                                               years. Passengers can tune in to
                                                                                               the on-board radio commentary
                                                                                               for a fully guided journey.
                                                                                                  With an afternoon
                                                                                               departure from Sydney,
                                                                                               passengers travel west towards
                                                                                               the Blue Mountains to enjoy
                                                                                               the view of the sun setting from
                                                                                               the comfort of the restaurant
                                                                                               carriage. Waking up the next
                                                                                               morning in Broken Hill, a
                                                                                               mining town in the desert of
                                                                                               New South Wales, you’ll reach
                                                                                               the wine region of Adelaide
                                                                                               Hills by mid-afternoon. On day
                                                                                               three, cruise through the vast
                                                                                               and treeless Nullarbor Plain,
                                                                                               which includes a 478km stretch
                                                                                               of straight railway track – the
                                                                                               longest stretch of straight track
                                                                                               in the world – before crossing
                                                                                               the Western Australia border.
                                                                                               Here, guests disembark at the
                                                                                               remote outpost of Rawlinna for
                                                                                               a traditional long-table dinner
                                                                                               under the stars, served right
                                                                                               alongside the railway line. The
                                                                                               next day, the rolling green hills
                                                                                               of the Avon Valley await where
                                                                                               lush green farmland gives way
                                                                                               to Perth and the Indian Ocean.

                                                                                               ALL ABOARD AT FRASER SUITES
                                                                                               SYDNEY: A luxury serviced
                                                                                               residence just minutes from
                                                                                               Darling Harbour and a short
                                                                                               cab ride to Sydney station.

                                                                                               TICKETS PLEASE:

                                                                                          FRASERSHOSPITALITY.COM  FRAS ER CA CH ET

                                                                                                                     18/2/20   4:46 PM
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