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                              THE FRASER                              辉


                             WELCOME TO THE LATEST
                             ISSUE OF FRASER CACHET                   盛

                             This  March, we are delighted  to welcome                   欢迎阅读最新一期的
                             our  fi rst guests  to  Fraser Suites Akasaka,               Fraser Cachet杂志
                             Tokyo.  The highly  anticipated  opening  of
                             the luxury  serviced  residence  in the upscale             今年三月,我们很高兴在东京赤
                             Akasaka district  puts  us  on  track  to  further          坂辉盛阁国际公寓迎来了第一批
                             establish  our  presence in Japan after Fraser   特          住客。随着这个备受期待的豪华
                             Residence Nankai, Osaka was launched in 2010.
                                And  what perfect timing  for sports                     服 务式公寓 在 高 档 精品 地区赤
                             enthusiasts who will be fl ocking to the dynamic             坂的开幕,我们的业务也步入正
                             Japanese  capital  for the upcoming  Summer                 轨–继大阪南海辉盛庭国际公寓
                             Olympics.  While  staying  at one of the 224                于2010年开业后,进一步在日本
                             apartments at Fraser Suites Akasaka, you may   色
                             even be inspired to take up karate – one of fi ve            建立据点。
                             sports making their appearance at the Games for                对 即 将涌 到 充 满 活 力 的东
                             the fi rst time. Read all about it on page 6.                京参 与夏季 奥 运 会 的体育爱 好
                                Speaking  of reads, we have lots  of travel              者而言,这是个完美的时机。东
                             inspiration  in this  issue.  Discover hip and
                             happening spots in London (page 8), go on iconic            京 赤 坂 辉 盛 阁 国 际 公寓 有 2 24
                             train  journeys  across  Europe  and  Asia  (page   间房,入住公寓还可能激发您学习空手道的兴趣,
                             24), and excite your taste buds with unexpected   这是奥运会新增的五项运动之一。详情请参阅第
                             feasts at secret supper clubs around the world   6页。
                             (page 32).
                                With  sustainability being  a key  focus  in   本期还有很多旅游攻略可供参阅。发掘伦敦的
                             our core values and everyday practices, Frasers   时髦景点(第8页)、欧洲和亚洲的标志性火车之旅
                             Hospitality properties around the world will be   (第20页),以及在全球各地的私房夜宵俱乐部享
                             marking Earth Hour 2020 with a series of eco-  用盛宴,激发您的味蕾(第28页)。
                             conscious  initiatives  at  8.30pm  local  time  on
                             March 28  this  year.  We hope  you  will  join  us   可持续性发展已成为我们的核心价值及日常实
                             then.                                          践的重点,辉盛国际的全球物业将于今年3月28日
                                In the meantime, keep well, stay healthy and   当地时间晚上8时30分,以一系列具生态意识的举
                             see you at our properties soon!

                             Koh Teck Chuan
                             CEO, Frasers Hospitality

                                                                                          FRASERSHOSPITALITY.COM  FRAS ER CA CH ET

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