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OPPOSITE PAGE,             SINGAPORE                  with an aperitif and dinner   historic town of Kanchanaburi
               FROM TOP:                  TO BANGKOK
               The Venice-Simplon                                    while watching the lush,   where the train will cross the
               Orient Express             Eastern & Oriental         tropical southern Malaysian   cliff-hugging Wampo Viaduct
               passes through             Express                    countryside slide past. Early   and the River Kwai Bridge,
               the lush valleys of
               Europe; the luxurious                                 the next morning, you’ll   both sections of Thailand’s
               bar carriage where         Travelling from Singapore,   pass through the metropolis   famous Death Railway, before
               you can relax with         through Malaysia, then     of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala   setting off for Bangkok.
               a drink.
                                          southern Thailand to       Lumpur, before reaching the
               THIS PAGE, BELOW:          terminate in Bangkok, the   royal town of Perak, Kuala   ALL ABOARD AT FRASER
               Take in the paddy          Eastern & Oriental Express   Kangsar. Here, surrounded by   RESIDENCE ORCHARD,
               fields of Malaysia as
               you ride the Eastern       is a whirlwind two-day train   paddy fields and palm trees,   SINGAPORE: For sightseeing and
               & Oriental Express.        journey hallmarked with old-  travellers can get a taste of life   retail therapy in the Lion City
                                          world style.               in rural Malaysia with a visit   before your railway adventure
                                             As the train’s iconic gold   to a durian plantation, before   through Malaysia to Thailand.
                                          and green carriages roll out of   continuing the journey north
                                          Singapore Woodlands station   towards Thailand. Your final   TICKETS PLEASE:
                                          at 3pm, passengers settle in   morning will be spent in the

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