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ST OR Y Sharon Crowther

                                                                                                “I’M INTERESTED IN

                                                                                         CREATING EXPERIENCES
                                                                                             THAT INSPIRE PEOPLE
                                                                                            TO CHECK OUT THEIR

                                                                                                  LOCAL FARMERS’

                                                                                               MARKET, BUY SOME
                                                                                                 NICE PLATES AND
              IMAGES NINA WESTERVELT                                                           COOK A MEAL FOR

                                                                                               FRIENDS AT HOME.”

                                                                                                        Jonah Reider, Pith

                                                   celebrity for his own brand  guests per dinner, a number he
                                                   of DIY hospitality.        finds creates the right balance
                                                      “I’m a good cook but I’m   of intimacy and conviviality,
                                                   certainly not the best cook in   and charges just US$40.
                                                   the world,” he says modestly.   “If I wanted to sell a lot of
                                                   “For me, the social aspect of   food to a lot of people, I’d open
                                                   dining is just as important,  a restaurant,” he explains. “But
                                                   and that’s what I love about   I’m more interested in creating
                                                   the concept of supper clubs –   experiences for people that
                                                   it’s a much bigger experience   inspire them to check out  OPPOSITE PAGE,
                                                   than just the food.”       their local farmers’ market,   FROM TOP:
                                                      Reider’s menus serve    buy some nice plates and cook   A dinner at Pith
                                                   up a crowd-pleasing fusion   a meal for friends at home,”  serves only six
                                                                                                             guests; menu for
                                                   of classic and experimental   he says. “I don’t think I’ll ever   the evening.
                                                   dishes such as raw mackerel   get tired of doing that.”
                                                   with lemon and radishes,                                  THIS PAGE,
                                                                                                             FROM TOP:
                                                   roasted dry-aged beef with   PULL UP A CHAIR              Pith’s chef, Jonah
                                                   mushrooms, and cranberry   Email     Reider, grows
                                                   tart served with Cynar and   to find out when Pith is next   his own herbs;
                                                                                                             adding the final
                                                   bourbon. He only accepts six   open for reservations.     touch to a dish.

                                                                                          FRASERSHOSPITALITY.COM  FRAS ER CA CH ET

                                                                                                                     19/2/20   3:58 PM
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