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                    OLD RELATIONSHIP
                  BETWEEN GROWING

                        FOOD, MAKING
                 FOOD AND SHARING

                     FOOD. TO BE ABLE
                   TO DO ALL THREE,IN

                           ONE PLACE IS
                  DEEPLY SATISFYING.”

                            Lisa Ngan, A Little
                              Farm on the Hill              A Little Farm on the Hill
                                                            KUALA LUMPUR

                                                                                          Run by architect turned
                                                                                       chef Lisa Ngan and her actor
                                                                                       and musician husband, Pete
                                                                                       Teo, A Little Farm on the Hill
                                                                                       is a slice of paradise – home-
                                                                                       grown by the couple since they
                                                                                       decided to pack up their city
                                                                                       lives in 2013.
                                                                                          “There is an age-old
                                                                                       relationship between growing
                                                            High on a hilltop, deep in the   food, making food and sharing
                                                            Malaysian jungle, an organic   food,” says Ngan. “To be able
                                                            smallholding has been making   to do all three in one place is
                                                            itself known among foodies  deeply satisfying.”
                                                            in nearby Kuala Lumpur.
                                                            Serving just once a month,  PULL UP A CHAIR
                                                            A Little Farm on the Hill   Visit
                                                            invites 40 guests to join its   to book your place.
                                                            Farmer’s Lunch Club, sitting
                                                            at communal tables and
                                                            enjoying a rustic feast of
                                                            farm-grown produce.
                                                               Flavourful salads of local
                                                            herbs, homemade breads and
                                                            dips, and hearty plates of
                                                            root vegetables are served to
                                                            accompany dishes like roasted
                                                            organic chicken and beef
                                                            prepared in the farm meat
                                                            smoker. Desserts are made
                                                            using fruit from the orchard
                                                            and honey from the apiary of
                                                            stingless Kelulut bees.

                                                                                          FRASERSHOSPITALITY.COM  FRAS ER CA CH ET

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