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ST OR Y Claire Turrell

                                                                                                   LEARN IT IN: BALI
                                                                                                   Surfers will make their
                                                                                                   debut at the Olympics at
                                                                                                   Shidashita Beach. This
               KARATE                                                                              spot will be fairly busy
                                                                                                   during 2020, so embrace
               LEARN IT IN: JAPAN                                                                  your inner Kelly Slater
               This martial art has                                                                in the surfing haven of
               taken a long time to get                                                            Bali. The Padang Padang
               to the Olympics – four              ›                                               Surf Camp, which offers
               centuries, to be precise.           ›                                               lessons on the tropical isle,
               Karate, which translates            BASEBALL & SOFTBALL                             will help you move from
               as “empty hand”, combines                                                           sand to surf with ease. On
               punches, kicks and open-            LEARN IT IN: THE UK     A-game. If you are in the   the shore, your instructor
               hand blows. Find this out           Baseball is back in the   UK during the summer   will show you the correct
               for yourself by signing up          Olympics after a 12-    months, you should also   technique to jump on the
               for individual coaching             year hiatus and it brings   look out for clinics at the   board, paddle through
               within the temple setting           softball with it too. Herts   club by Major League   the surf and then catch
               of the Karate Dojo Waku             Baseball Club in the UK   Baseball professionals   a wave. You will then
               in Tokyo. After donning             will give you the chance   from the US. Previous   learn how to master the
               a karategi uniform, learn           to play both sports at   clinics have been run by   waves at Padang Padang
               how to perfect your                 its grounds in Hemel    former San Diego Padres   or Dreamland, or if you
               pre- and post-match bow             Hempstead and North     coach Monte Brooks and   are more advanced, at
               before your karate master           London. At its weekly   ex-Miami Marlins pitcher   Balangan or Uluwatu.
               shows you the basic                 open sessions, fielding   Chris Squires. And if   The team will take
               stances and defensive               gloves, bats, balls and   you really want to hone   photographs and videos of
               techniques, and lets you            helmets are provided    your game, you can even   you during your two-hour
               try a mock fight or “kata”.         free of charge, so all you   request a private lesson.  lessons so that they can
               Finish your masterclass in          need to do is bring your    analyse your moves and
               style by learning how to                                                            show you how to improve
               do a wooden board break.                                                            your technique.

                                                                                          FRASERSHOSPITALITY.COM  FRAS ER CA CH ET

                                                                                                                     18/2/20   3:56 PM
        06-07 In Style #2.ll.indd   7                                                                                18/2/20   3:56 PM
        06-07 In Style #2.ll.indd   7
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