About Wujiaochang in Shanghai Yangpu District

As one of the ten designated business hubs in Shanghai, Wujiaochang is a roundabout-centered area that brings together a number of businesses, stores, and restaurants in Yangpu district. 

Wujiaochang literally means “Pentagon Plaza” with five commercial complexes sitting at each of the five tips. Wanda Plaza, Bailian Youyicheng Shopping Mall, Hopson One, Bailian UMAX and the Wujiaochang store of Suning.

Yangpu is also home to three top Chinese universities: Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Tongji University. The district boasts 12 science and technology parks including five parks attached to universities in the district and three high-tech entrepreneurial parks. 

Around Us & Beyond



Located in the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), the 1,000-meter-long University Avenue is lined with shops. This renovated street is a good place for shopping and a leisurely walk. The shops sell all kinds of gadgets and creative products and there are cafes and eateries catering to all tastes. You will have so much to explore here.


Yuyuan Garden is believed to have been built in the Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. Yuyuan Bazaar is right next to Yuyuan Garden. It has a great number of small streets and lanes where you can find many restaurants, tea houses, and shops. It is a good place to sample some local snacks and buy some souvenirs. Do try Yangchun noodles and steamed stuffed buns there!


Specializing in southern-style American smoked BBQ, using apple, cherry and hickory wood, then grilled over charcoal. The entrance is near the corner of Jiangning Lu and Wuding Lu, near where some sketchy clubs used to be.

FAT COW (JING'AN) (17km)

Best known for its hand-formed patties and fresh, crispy fries, this is the go-to place for premium style burgers.


THE BUND (15km)

Arguably Shanghai's most-famous tourist attraction, the Bund is a waterfront promenade and famous business district in central Shanghai. The walking areas extend roughly 1.6 km along the west bank of the Huangpu River. Owing to its historic status and zoning restrictions, the Bund contains fantastic examples of classic Shanghai architecture. No visit to Shanghai would be complete without a visit to the Bund.


Opened in 2011, the Shanghai Museum of Glass has presented impressive exhibitions over the past several years from the academic glass art exhibition by domestic and international artists. In the Museum, glass art and design cross the border between time, space, culture and language, and is presented to the public audience in different cross-type forms.


Enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment at this shopping centre located off Handan Road with a nice selection of food outlets and plenty of shops including the usual brand names.


Located right next to Wujiaochang, the Stadium has a lot of different types of gyms and athletic facilities. It has evolved over the last few years to have some trendy shops and small businesses attached and surrounding the area. A good place to exercise and explore on foot to see locals doing tai chi, aerobics, and dance!



Situated in the north-east of Shanghai, Gongqing Forest Park is bordered by Huangpu River to the east and Jungong Road to the west. Covering an area of 131 hectares, this grass-and-tree-covered park consists of north and south gardens.


Shanghai Andersen Paradise is located in the Xinjiangwancheng area of Shanghai. It is the world's first large-scale theme park dedicated to the Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Visitors can explore the park's seven theme zones, or delight in visiting the Wooden Horse Carousel and Odin’s Blessing. Kids will enjoy the many slides and playground area. There is a Hans Christian Andersen Museum and Low Carbon Experience Museum from Denmark, in addition to memorable performances and float parades.


Changfeng Ocean World was China's first large-scale aquatic museum and exhibition when it opened in 1999. Interestingly, the aquarium's main building is located 13metres below the Yin Chu Lake. Changfeng Ocean World is a great place for children to come in close contact with nature and marine life. The interactive displays are informative and user-friendly. It is a superb destination for families to visit.


More About Shanghai Yangpu District

Yangpu is a district in northeastern Shanghai that is bordered by the Huangpu River in the east and south and the Hongkou district in the west. The district is largely a residential and educational area. Some public resources in the area include:

International Schools:

Lycée Français de Shanghai (Yangpu) (994m)

WLSA Shanghai Academy (5.5km)


Yangpu district Central Hospital, Shanghai (9.3km)

Changhai Hospital (3.9km)


For those seeking more, embark on a day trip to the city centre to uncover more about Shanghai.


The "city’s living-room”, is a place to unwind and relax after a long day spent exploring Shanghai. A window on the past and on the future, on China and the world, this Shanghai attraction was developed by converting residential blocks into a multifunctional dining, retail and entertainment center.


As the first Disney resort in mainland China, Shanghai Disney Resort is a world-class family entertainment destination. It features Shanghai Disneyland Park, an entertainment district, two themed hotels, recreational facilities, a lake, and associated transportation hubs. One unique aspect about Shanghai Disney is the way the park incorporates Chinese tastes into its design. With plenty to do and fun for people of all ages, the Shanghai Disney Resort is certainly one of the city’s premiere attractions.




Shanghai International Film Festival - 14-23 June

Design Shanghai 2024 - 19-22 June


China Joy - 26-29 July