About Chengdu Gaoxin District

Chengdu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. Its culture, attractions, food and nightlife draw millions of visitors each year.

As the city's tech hub, Gaoxin District is a thriving neighbourhood that attracts professionals and entrepreneurs. With its modern office towers, research centres and upscale residential areas, this district is a popular destination for corporate executives, leisure visitors and family travellers.

Around Us & Beyond


Jinli Old Street (8.5km)

Jinli Street is usually referred as Jinli Old Street, dating back to the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC). Located in the central part of Chengdu at Wuhouci Avenue, Jinli Street is renowned for its local food stands, available all day long. 

Kuanzhai Alley (11.5km)

A main tourist attraction in Chengdu, the highlight of Kuanzhai Alley (Wide and Narrow Alley) is the preserved heritage buildings from the Qing dynasty, as well as its array of local snacks, bars, cafes and teahouses.


Temple of Marquis Wu (8.5km)

Temple of Marquis Wu was built in memory of Zhu Ge Liang, the famous Marquis of the ShuHan Dynasty. It is the only ancestral temple in China constructed in memory of both a king and his chancellor. 

Du Fu Thatched Cottage (12.8km)

Du Fu Thatched Cottage is a park and museum in honour of the greatest poet Du Fu at the western outskirts of Chengdu, adjacent to the Huanhua Xi (Flower Rinsing Creek). 

Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean World (8km)

The ocean park includes a performance zone, animal exhibition area,and amusement area.

Chengdu Global Centre (800m)

Paradise Island Water Park in Chengdu Global Centre is a big indoor water park offering a 8,500-sqm artificial wave pool.

Chengdu Tie Xiang Si (1.5km)

Take a stroll down Tiexiangsi Temple Water Street, a brand-new pedestrian tourist spot and shopping complex for cultural sightseeing and retail.


Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (23.5km)

Also known as Chengdu Panda Base, one of biggest conservation bases for Giant Pandas. A total of around 50 pandas live here including about a dozen little pandas and several baby pandas every year. It is open every day and available for everyone. It is considered to be the best place to see pandas in China.

Chengdu GuiXi Park (1km)

Guixi Ecological Park is 10 times the size of a normal people’s park making it Chengdu’s own "Central Park”. The park is lined with trees, fields, paths and children’s amusement parks. 

Chengdu JiangTan Park (1.6km)

The largest waterfront activity place in Chengdu.  

Chengdu Jin Cheng Park (3.5km)

Jincheng Lake Park is one of the six wetland parks in Chengdu, located next to the Global Centre, with an area of nearly 7000 sqm.



Aside from the world-famous Sichuan cuisines, which is recognized by UNESCO as the “City of Gastronomy”, Chengdu is also known as the “Land of Abundance” with a bunch of cultural heritages. Make the most of your stay by experiencing local culture, trying some Sichuan food, visiting the Wide & Narrow alley, or shopping in Chunxi Road, Chengdu’s busiest street.

As the city is home to the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, a conservation centre where visitors can view endangered giant pandas in a natural habitat, it is also a popular place for family visitors especially for the children to see and interact with the cute pandas. 


Fraser Place Chengdu sits in the heart of Chengdu Gaoxin District with a walking distance to Chengdu Poly Time Edition, SKP Global Centre, Intime Centre with supporting facilities nearby.

International Schools:

SPGS International School Chengdu (2.5km)

Chengdu Mei Shi International School (2.5km)

LEMAN International Schooln Chengdu (12km)


Chengdu No. 1 People's Hospital (4.5km)

West China Hospital, Si Chuan University (10km)



Chinese New Year (CNY) - 10 Feb

Wuhou Shrine CNY Temple Fair - From 1st Day of CNY until 15th Day

Huanglongxi Fire Dragon Festival - From 2nd Day of CNY until 15th Day

MARCH 2024

Chengdu Flower Festival - 15th Day of 2nd Lunar Month (usually in March)

APRIL 2024

Duiangyan Water-Releasing Festival - On Qingming Festival, starting on 4th or 5th of April