What are the requirements for joining Fraser Business Travel Programme?

Fraser Business Travel Programme is open for companies* which can commit to a travel volume of 50 room nights annually per participating property to enjoy the 10% discount off Best Flexible Rates. If the company is expecting higher volume of room nights across selected/multiple properties, please also indicate these details in the Remark column within the business travel form so that we can review the request and offer the most appropriate commercial deal.

Is it free to join?

Yes, it is completely free to join Fraser Business Travel Programme! 

Are there restrictions with regards to my company’s office location/headquarters?

No, the Fraser Business Travel account is global and is applicable to companies* worldwide.

What is Fraser Business Travel Account?

Fraser Business Travel Account is a secure dedicated portal which offers a secure environment for companies to book any of the Frasers Hospitality properties at negotiated rates. It is designed for clients to have greater 24/7 convenience in managing the reservations. The Company Administrator will be able to view all the bookings made under the company profile, made by different users within the company, while a company user will be able to view and modify his/her own bookings.

What are the benefits of joining Fraser Business Travel Programme?

·         Exclusive business travel rates

·         Dedicated company dashboard with secured portal with admin rights

·         Complete booking flexibility - 24/7 access

·         Best rate guarantee

·         Complimentary wi-fi

·         Exclusive access to corporate promotional offers

·         Access to events and catering promotions

Fraser World membership loyalty benefits when business travellers sign up for membership

How can I apply for the Fraser Business Travel Account on behalf of my company?

Respective company’s authorized personnel (Office/Admin/Travel Manager/Executive etc) can apply for the Business Travel Account by filling up the online business travel form here.

How do I access the Business Travel Account portal?

The Company Administrator will receive a unique account registration code upon successful enrollment into the Business Travel Account. The same code will be used for individual users in the company to create their profiles and avail to the special rates and proceed to make bookings directly.      

How many team members can you add to a Business Travel Account?

There is no limit to the number of team members you can add to the Business Travel Account.

How can the company change the admin on the Fraser Business Travel Account?

The current admin will need to edit and change the “User Type” for the new member to a Company Administrator within the portal.

Can I earn Fraser World points on my business travel stay?

Yes, all business travel rate bookings qualify for Fraser World points. Please remember to tag your Fraser World membership details to the reservation or on arrival. If you do not have a Fraser World membership account yet, you may sign up instantly here.

What are the cancellation terms for Fraser Business Travel Account users?

Unless otherwise specified, transient business travel bookings made on Fraser Business Travel Account are cancellable or be modified 48 hours on the day of check-in. There is no fees for booking cancellation or modification within the stipulated booking condition timeline.

Why can't I access my negotiated rates?

Depending on the hotel’s availability, your negotiated rate may not be available for the dates requested.


I have forgotten my company’s unique account code. How can I retrieve it?

If you have forgotten or lost your company’s unique Corporate Code, you can request for the code from your company’s Administrator.

What if my company already has a direct contracted rate, can I still register for the Fraser Business Travel Account?

Yes, your company can still register for a Fraser Business Travel Account if you wish to access the convenience and benefits of a 24/7 dashboard web platform to track your company’s bookings and for company users to manage their own bookings.

My company already has a negotiated rate with a property but is unable to access it on the Business Travel portal?

If you already have a negotiated rate with Frasers Hospitality’s properties, please contact or your respective local Account Manager servicing your account.