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    Fraser Friends for dealing with Everything New

    Fraser Friends at Frasers Hospitality

    The Fraser Friends is a programme that Frasers Hospitality specially puts in place which many of our guests have come to appreciate in the Fraser long term serviced. In every new place, there will be local customs and cultural practices, new faces, even new ways of doing the same things you are used to. 

    To help you fit in, we will organize residential programmes and activities to help you assimilate into the community.

    We may start you off with a culinary adventure that takes place in an Asian kitchen. For the same piece of meat, you will see multiple ways of preparation under the colourful Asian cultures. If you don’t understand why the Chinese brew soups for hours, you will when you start tasting one. You might want to check out the ingredients before getting to it though. 

    At the same time, go for some spices at the local spice markets and in no time, you will feel the perspiration trickling down your eye lashes. Exchange cooking tips when East meets West or explore the local food haunts. Asian food is just so rich that you will never have enough. 

    At the same time, why not all go for a group outing to some of the convenience facilities in the neighbourhood or attractions in the city? Find out where you can shop for that particular clothing label, where the clinic or dentist is or where you can find some authentic local cuisine. See how the locals live and learn about their taboos. Visit local cultural centres to better appreciate their customs. When friends do come over, you can play tour guide as if you are a local yourself.

    The Fraser Friends programme seeks to bring the child out in you by helping you make new friends with new neighbours, in plain human terms without technology. 

    Fraser Friends at Frasers Hospitality