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    Fixing the problem before you know it!

    Fraser Care at Frasers Hospitality

    The Fraser serviced residence is more than just a luxury hotel residence. It is your home that never breaks down, or when anything does, it will be fixed before you know it. Whether it is to get that light bulb changed, to fix the water heater or to get the air-conditioner repaired, the interruption is hardly noticeable by the time you get home. Your meals will still be done up, your hot bath can still take place, and the night would still be cool.

    Fraser Care is a unique preventive programme which ensures that all the lightings, fixtures, electrical appliances, state-of-the art equipment and apparatuses are thoroughly well-kept and maintained in a consistently excellent condition. Our dedicated team of Fraser Care specialists and engineers makes regular calls at your home to shampoo your carpets, conduct maintenance checks on all electrical items and stock up on amenities. Our objective is to fix the problem before your know it. 

    If life goes on everyday, why should any technical interruption get in the way?

    Fraser Care at Frasers Hospitality