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    With Fraser Connect, it’s free to be “Always On”

    Fraser Connect at Frasers Hospitality

    For your busy lifestyle, you cannot afford to “not connect”.  With high speed Internet access in the rooms and anywhere else around the property, you will always be in touch with your business associates, family and friends, local and overseas, at any of our luxury hotels in Europe or Australia.

    With Fraser Connect, anywhere is a good place to chat; and anytime too.

    Wherever you are, whether in the cool comforts of the lounge, tucking in a hearty breakfast at the café, relaxing by the pool, reading at the library, playing at the Games Room, tending to the kids at the playzone, having a steam bath, getting in a game of tennis game, getting the laundry done, half way through a movie, holding a business meeting, or playing host to friends at your apartment… you know you will never lose a minute with Fraser Connect where you are “always on” all the time. 

    With ready access to the Internet, you can read your emails, catch up on the latest groundbreaking news, surf for the best deals in town, make a booking for the musical, plan your next travel itinerary, arrange to meet with friends from overseas, finish up your proposal, close that deal online, and do so much more.

    Being away from home does not mean losing touch. Fraser Connect allows you to be constantly in touch with your network overseas even as you network locally. The best part of it all is you don’t have to be a technology whiz to benefit from this. We have made it easy for you to connect upon your first landing to the Fraser Connect webpage, with just the click of a button, fuss-free, hassle-free. There is no need to struggle with configuration settings.

    With Fraser Connect, getting connected is an essential issue, but never a technical one.

    Fraser Connect at Frasers Hospitality