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Modena by Fraser Changsha
                                                                                        celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a
                                                                                        vintage-themed party for about 100
                                                                                        guests and staff.

               General managers from across the Frasers
               Hospitality network met in Singapore
               for the annual General Managers’ Forum,
               where they exchanged valuable insights,
               renewed friendships and had fun!

                             It was a joyful National Day as
                          Fraser Suites Seef, Bahrain marked
                          the occasion by distributing cookies
                                    to its guests and staff.

                                                                                        Modena by Fraser Zhuankou Wuhan
                                                                                        celebrated its 5th anniversary together
                                                                                        with its guests.

                                                                                        Fraser Residence Sudirman, Jakarta
                                                                                        held a year-end Christmas dinner for
                                                                                        its long-stay guests.

               To show appreciation for its long-stay guests, Fraser Suites Guangzhou held its annual Thank-
               You Party, where the theme was “The Guangzhou Night”.

                                                                                          FRASERSHOSPITALITY.COM  FRAS ER CA CH ET

                                                                                                                     18/2/20   5:06 PM
        38-43 Family.ll.indd   43
        38-43 Family.ll.indd   43                                                                                    18/2/20   5:06 PM
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