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    World Travel Awads Frasers Hospitality

    The strategic location of our properties is one of the key reasons why our customers have come to us.  Our global residence network includes the world’s most prominent gateway cities where things happen thick and fast on a daily basis.  Within these cities, our properties are often sited in central business districts, commercial districts, prime locations, business parks and tech-parks, with proximity to essential amenities, facilities and entertainment. 

    Our Vision and Core Values lay the foundation for management excellence and service standards. Each of our management members, co-workers, customers and business partners plays a pivotal role in ensuring that we deliver our Vision and live up to our Core Values.  Any missing link in the service chain will result in a quality breakage and hinder our progress.   We are proud that our service chain has been tested and proven over the past years and this is evident in our string of awards and accolades including those conferred by the highly coveted Travel Trade Gazaette (TTG), World Travel Awards (WTA) and Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards (EMMA).

    Operational Support

    At Frasers, our strategic framework is operationally supported by an infrastructure of people, processes and controls, and these cover financial monitoring, customer service, efficient business processes and innovative solutions.  Various functional units take responsibility for their respective action plans which are to be devised in line with our corporate goals.   We measure our performance with multiple yardsticks according to industry standards, including financial performance, brand equity, customer satisfaction levels and performance indicators.  Short term goals are set for operational efficiency keeping in view long terms goals for overall business viability.

    Our employees are groomed under a world-class human resource programme backed by systems that are designed to attract, retain and develop the most qualified individuals. Our training programmes encompass the development of both the soft and hard skills supported by positive and constructive individual coaching, and a monitoring framework that comprises comprehensive policies and procedures to foster a learning environment.

    Sales and Marketing

    We constantly seek to cultivate new revenue streams.  By leveraging on both traditional and the new media, we are associated with nearly 1,000 online travel agents and 500,000 relocation agents around the world, to generate local and regional bookings and cross-sell accommodation packages.  

    Thanks to the awards and accolades, we have enjoyed a considerable amount of brand awareness and publicity through advertisements; Public Relations editorial features, endorsements by bloggers, positive online reviews and endorsements. 

    • Centralized Booking Reservation Systems

    By connecting with reputable online booking systems, global customer contact centres, worldwide online travel agencie, and our own corporate and brand sites, we provide avenues for driving business to our properties.

    • Revenue Management

    Our regional Revenue Management team utilizes the latest technology for pricing and inventory management, so that we are able to offer at our rooms with the best online rate guarantee without comprising our profitability.  

    • Brand Management

    At Frasers, we guard our brand and corporate identity fervently.   A winner of the Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2012-2013, amongst other in-country distinctive brand awards, the Frasers brand represents who we are and what we stand for. It is an embodiment of our corporate Vision and Core Values, and even more so, a symbol of luxury serviced residences with a quality mark. The corporate identity ensures that we are consistently identifiable by our customers in all touchpoints.  The Frasers Brand is the central guiding principle within our organisation, in all that we do and why we choose to do the way we want it.

    The Frasers brand message is consistently communicated in all our advertisements, promotional materials, direct mails, press/public relations, sponsorship programmes, strategic alliances, Internet and social media in a bid to constantly build up the brand equity and raise the mark in the long term.

    • Fraser World Loyalty Programme

    A returning customer is the most effective testimonial to our service.  Designed to complement our acquisition drives, the Fraser World is a loyalty programme that aims at customer retention.  Instead of incurring acquisition cost, we transfer that to the customer in the form of savings, and when they extend their stay, our average revenue per guest increases.   This is a win-win relationship for us and our customers.

    • Customer Relationship Initiatives

    Our customers’ needs are ever-changing in this dynamic world.  We constantly keep ourselves abreast of the latest social trends, emerging attitudes, spending habits, and evolving customers’ tastes.  By being proactive, we hope to stay ahead of our customers. 

    Technical Services

    Frasers serviced apartments are known not just for its aesthetic and residence features.  The Singapore Green Hotel Award 2013 is testament to our technical expertise in the conversion, adaptable reuse, mixed-use and greenfield new builds. This international technical know-how and our skillsets and experience with asset management are particularly valuable to partners looking to create enduring value to their assets.

    • Conversions

    Our technical services team will help to transform your existing building property – be it office, hotel, condominium, heritage building for example – into a distinctive serviced residence.

    • Greenfield

    Let us work with you to create your very own property built to international specifications, incorporating new market innovations that enhance operational efficiency, and top it off with the iconic Frasers Brand – one that stands for luxury premier serviced residences.  

    • Mixed-use

    From shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and condominiums, we have extensive experience in integrating the Frasers properties with mixed-use developments. 

    • Asset Enhancement

    Your property has more potential than it is today. Let us help you unlock that potential and maximize your property yields by optimizing property life cycles, driving performance and improving operational efficiency.

    Our People

    Our exemplary service standards are marked by a set of rigourous measures put in place to maintain the hardware, software and heart-ware of our residences.    The Frasers Difference is all but how we relentlessly seek to uphold the standards of our apartments and all its tangible features, improve our processes and workflows, and deliver our service with intuition towards building a heart-warming relationship with all our guests who come home to us everyday.

    World Travel Awads Frasers Hospitality